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ImmerSun Solar Switch


Heats you water from your PV system or Wind TurbineVat Button


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Product Description

Heat your water with your Solar PV

The ImmerSUN monitors the electricity which is about to be exported to the grid and diverts it to the immersion heater. It then automatically directs any excess generated electricity, not used by the house, to the immersion heater in the hot water cylinder. If the load from the house increases, eg. the washing machine is turned on, the ImmerSUN will reduce the amount sent to heat water to help you maintain independence from the grid.

  • Capture excess Solar Energy Power into Hot Water
  • Exported PV power fed to your Immersion
  • Solid-State solar water heating
  • ZERO Stagnation!

The ImmerSUN measures and records energy applied to the immersion heater. As only the renewable energy is counted this is effectively saved energy. You can view savings made fortoday, the week, the month, the year or total savings.

What Is ImmerSun

ImmerSun enables you to maximise the usage of electricity generated by your PV panels. Most PV installations end up with over 50% of the electricity generated being exported back to the grid. This electricity instead of being exported to the grid can be used by immerSun to heat hot water up even if you are not at home. ImmerSun can also be used to heat storage heaters, electric under floor heating or electric panel heaters.

How ImmerSun Works

Immersun PV hot water system monitors your PV export and when it sees that you are exporting electricity to the grid( Free electricity) it redirects the electricity to heat your heating source such as immersion heater. ImmerSun can use you existing immersion heater when heating up the hot water.

The ImmerSun heats the water up to the temperature on the thermostat. Once the water temperature is achieved the system can then be used to heat a secondary source such as storage heaters, electric under floor heating or electric panels heaters.

The system checks continuously to ensure that the water is kept up to temperature. The ImmerSun is a modulating solar water/heater controller. In order to enable the grid to be able to  import electricity you need to use the boost button which is built in to the unit and can be activated manually or on a timer or automatically like a normal heating controller.

Download the ImmerSUN- Installation and User Guide

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