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Omniksol 3000 TL Solar Inverter


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Omniksol 3000 TL Solar Inverter Omnik Inverter High Efficiency 2 MPPT design, Tracking accurate up to 99.9% can make Omniksol TL series inverters work more flexible and effective. All rooftop moduels areas could be used for generating , it also could minimize the capacity consumption due to shade hiding. Max. efficiency is up to 97.6%, Euro efficiency 97.0%, which means more transportation power than others solar device. Omniksol photovoltaic inverter is your most wise choice. Omnik Inverter High Reliability Omnik new energy is founded by Germany Doctor, composed of home and abroad outstanding elite. Under the German management system, Omnik inverter is featured by high efficiency, High quality, high reliability , complying with the VDE 0126-1-1,RD1663,ENEL2010,C10/11,G83/1,AS4777,TF3.2.1,etc. qualification ,product repair rate is less than 1%.Due to the high products standard ,warranty time could extend to maximum 25 years from regulated 5 years.

Omnik Inverter High Stability The Omnik inverter has high quality casing which can provide the best protection for insider electronic components, besides, by IP65 protection, it can be installed and run safely indoors and outdoors. And is not afraid of the bad environment, it will always create a best working conditions for your solar system.

Omnik Inverter Innovative & Smart Monitoring Wifi cards set inside settings is the the first Invention of its kind, and the power management box could preserve all important data from the sensor.Each inverter is fully equipped with RS485, RS232, USB and Ethernet interface, wifi kit and GRPS Kits as your option. Through our free monitoring software to connect with your PC/ Mobile, you can view the PV station output data and pubic grid power supply.

Easy to install The Characters of Omniksol TL series inverters are exquisite, portable and small and with its Plug-in system integration this makes the product easy to install . The fillister of Omnik inverter with human body engineering design make it easy to pick up, internal rail make it easy to mount with the wall.

Good Heat-dissipation, Low Noise Omniksol TL series inverter has a special designed intelligent cooling system, which can still maintain excellent heat dissipation in a hot environment, allowing the inverter to always play the best performance. While sensor monitor operating temperature, smart cooling system will help heat effectively discharged outside from the shell. Then you no longer need require a fan, for you to save money at the same time also brings a quiet and comfortable environment.

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