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Solar iBoost Wireless Solar PV Water Heater



Solar iBoost heats water from your PV system or Wind Turbine.Vat Button

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Product Description

With Solar iBoost – get free hot water from your solar PV system.

The Solar iBoost uses the surplus solar pv energy your system generates and used it to heat your hot water.

The Solar iBoost is designed easy to install, use and monitor.


In a household with a PV array generating around 2kW surplus, this would allow a single 100 liter water tank, to go from 20 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees Celsius within just 2.5 hours, this would give a typical saving of approximately £0.50, per day, this is based on average energy prices (Feb 2014) Source: marlec.co.uk

Solar iBoost utilises the surplus PV energy generated at your home to heat the water in your household water tank.

The Solar iBoost is a remote switch that uses a wireless connection so there is no additional wiring required.


  • Solar iBoost gives you free hot water
  • Solar iBoost is wireless and simple to install
  • Solar iBoost increases your return on investment
  • Solar iBoost has a payback of between 1-3 years
  • Solar iBoost uses all of your generated electricity and still get your 50% export FiT
  • Solar iBoost means you no longer needs to be at home to use the free electricity
  • Solar iBoost automatically adjusts power levels to the immersion heater
  • Solar iBoost always exports a small amount of power – so you never import power
  • Solar iBoost uses you exisitng immersion heater
  • Solar iBoost has a built-in hot water boost timer
  • Solar iBoost can power a second immersion heater with economy 7 rates
  • Solar iBoost LCD digital display shows energy saved, output power and mode
  • Solar iBoost has a 2 year product warranty backed by a reputable manufacturer
  • Solar iBoost Dimensions: 260 x 130 x 64mm Wt: 505g

Download the iBoost user manual

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