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Solar PV & Solar Thermal Repairs & Servicing

If your system has started to under-preform, it could be in need of a service or even a repair. Cheap Solar Shop can put you in-touch with a very reputable Solar PV & Solar Thermal maintenance company, who can repair and service your system at a low price. The company works Nationwide including Scotland.

Solar Thermal Repairs & Servicing

A solar thermal system is a cost effective and energy efficient way to heat your water, however if your system is faulty, you will not be reaping the benefits.

It is recommended to have your solar thermal system regularly serviced to ensure it functions to the highest efficiency possible. Servicing your solar thermal system will also prevent the need for future repairs, which ultimately can cost a lot more.

Your solar thermal system may have been installed to a low standard, leading to loss of energy and under-performance. If your solar thermal system is showing any signs of pressure loss or leaks it is advised to have an engineer look at your system before its too late.

If you have an evacuated tube solar thermal system with one or more broken tubes, the system will still operate, but it will need to be repaired as soon as possible.

Servicing your solar thermal system regularly will prolong the lifespan of the system.

Solar PV Repairs & Maintenance

Solar photovoltaic panels rarely need maintenance, but it is advised to have a certain amount of maintenance carried out to prevent any faults occurring. For optimum performance, the solar PV system should have its fixings, wiring, panels, inverter and generation meter inspected by a solar engineer.

In the UK, solar PV panels are sometimes cleaned by rainfall, but debris is still likely to form on the panels, reducing the systems performance.

In the unlikely event that your solar PV system needs repairing or you have had problems inverter and can’t get help from your installer, we can put you in touch with a trusted MCS accredited installer who will provide you with a FREE quote

Cheap Solar Shop can pass your details to an MCS & RECC accredited solar company who are experts in installation, repairs, servicing and maintenance of solar PV and solar thermal systems.

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